About Us

Responsive, Reliable Manufacturing Partner

It’s not just about equipment and technology; collaboration depends on personal interaction and that’s our specialty.

On October 14th, 1919, the Selflock Nut & Bolt Co. opened its doors. The company discovered its niche making fasteners with a patented vibration resistant thread form which was of particular interest to railroads. The New York Central Railroad, among others, became major customers and was one of the deciding factors to set up shop in East Syracuse, NY.

Since 1919, the company has continued to grow and adjust its specialized products to suit the needs of the community. In 1926, the company changed its name to Selflock Screw Products becoming a source of screw machine products for local manufacturers. The company continued to evolve with the times including several upgrades in technology as it became available.

In more recent years, SSP has experienced more changes in the way we do business, the investments in equipment and people, and the processes we use than at any time in the company’s history. In 2010, we outgrew our shop in East Syracuse, NY and moved our operations to our current location on E. Brighton Ave in Syracuse, NY. With the drastic increase in space, we were able to acquire additional machinery, update our software, and install an additional department.

With the change in location, also came the ability to incorporate a cable assembly and wire harness division to further support our customer’s needs. We quickly developed a reputation for our quality work and on time delivery thanks to a unique electronic “traveler” production program developed in-house. This process and our ISO-certification has streamlined our focus and improved the culture at SSP to ensure consistent quality control and adherence to customer standards.

Investment in equipment and technology is vital to the future of any company, but we’re especially proud of our people. We’re always looking for talented, hard-working people, who want to be part of the growth of a progressive CNY manufacturer with customers around the world.

Our Mission

To become the precision products and cable assembly supplier of choice, while enriching the lives of our employees and contributing to our community.

To exceed customer expectations by using advanced technology, continuously improving our processes through innovative team solutions, and providing exceptional customer service.

Any combination of lathes, milling machines, drill presses, saws, grinders may be used to produce parts that will meet your exact specifications.

Our cable and wire harness assemblies specialize in mid to high level complex assemblies used in industries including aerospace, military, and transportation.

Our state-of-the-art metrology lab assists our quality engineer in ensuring every part is made to your exact specifications.